Bucket List

Wildlife Photography – Bucket List:

Wildlife photography, the perfect combination of love for nature, passion for photography and adventure, is probably the best form of photography. It’s a test of your patience – waiting for hours together to get that just that perfect shot you were longing for since a long, long time! And every wildlife photographer has his wish – list of the locations he wants to visit and the sights he wishes to capture – we’ve got a few places, which have found their way into every wildlife photographer’s must-visit in a lifetime list! Let’s take you there:

Yellowstone National park:

Filled with flora and fauns of tonnes of species, the Yellowstone National Park is a feast for every wildlife photographer! The picturesque backdrop of this park, against which the animals are set is another sight to behold – a paradise for every photographer. Don’t miss out on the bears, wolves, bison, and antelopes here. You can spot them in abundance and capture them as they carry on with their lives in this stunning natural abode.

Bucket List


Blessed with a treasure of abundance in both landscape and animal species, you have to visit Tanzania with your camera, hoods, and lenses in tow! The unique species of flora and fauna found here are a treat to the eyes! You’ll discover zebras, crocodiles, black rhinos here, among the host of other wild beasts which have made the Tanzanian terrains their dwelling place.

Kerala, India:

Capture the ever-elusive species of the Bengal tiger in the backwaters of this naturally gifted state in India. Kerala also boasts of quite a lot of elephants. Tremendous efforts are being actively taken to preserve these species and keep the habitat as natural as possible to ensure they thrive. If you for sure want to capture the Bengal Tiger and a couple of elephants, do visit Kerala. You will find them casually strolling against the leafy green background here!


The snow leopards in the Himalayas are featured on not only wildlife photographers, but every photographer’s bucket list! The spectacular beauty of these beasts, which rule the snowy terrains of the Himalayas is just admirable and equally fascinating to capture. You’ll also meet the golden langurs, one-horned rhinos and Bengal tigers lurking in the sanctity of the pristine white expanse – don’t miss them out!
Already excited, right? When are you booking your next date with the wilderness out there?