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As the website name suggests, my name is Bertie Gregory. I’m seventeen and live near Reading in the south of England. Since an early age, I’ve had a passion for wildlife which I now channel into my wildlife photography. My interest in photography was sparked by the gift of an underwater camera when I was twelve: it was fairly simple but did the job nicely!

As a result, my favourite form of photography is under the water. This is for a number of reasons, on the technical side of things its far harder as your feet aren’t on the ground, you’re in an alien environment, you either have to hold your breath and free dive to get shots (great fun) or use SCUBA gear which means when you breath you go up and down, plus, underwater housings mean you can’t see all the camera controls. Despite these practical difficulties, my main reason for loving it, is because of the amazing feeling of anticipation before every dive or snorkel.

Having said that, I still love ‘overwater’ photography. My current project involves using a remote release with a wide angle lens enabling me to get the camera really close, without disturbance, but still setting the animal in their environment. I’m perfecting this technique for this summer when I’m going out to Vancouver Island, Canada, to photograph black bears.

I’m very proud to announce that I’ve been selected as one of the 20 young photographers on the 2020VISION project.

In a nutshell, 2020VISION is a multimedia project that communicates the link between people’s well being and the restoration of natural systems.

Putting it another way, we’re the PR agents for Bogs, Bees and Barn owls!

-2020VISION is the most ambitious conservation visual media initiative ever staged in Britain.
-2020VISION is a blueprint for a wilder Britain where it’s recognised that healthy ecosystems are good for us too.
-2020VISION will nurture a new ethos that reconnects wild places with each other and reconnect us with wild places.

I’m the young photographer for the London area so I’m focusing on urban wildlife. If you’ve got any locations or information on some unusual or spectacular urban wildlife near you, I’d love to hear from you.

The best way of keeping up to date with my latest photography is to visit and ‘like’ below if you like….