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Welcome to Bertie Gregory Photography, I hope you enjoy browsing both my under, and over water wildlife galleries.

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It is not an easy task to capture moments and freeze time to get timeless pictures. Bertie Gregory Photography is committed to capturing the best wildlife photographs, both on land and in water.

We use state of the art 4k drones technology for not only our still photography but also take high-quality videos.

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Outdoor Photographer

Bertie Gregory

Bertie Gregory has dedicated his life to freeze moments to get the perfect pics. The interest in photography led him to explore more and finally found his calling in wildlife photography. He has collaborated with some of the big names in the industry, making one of the best and most experienced in the field.

Underwater photography

Tropical Seas

If you want to take pics that would be rated as one of the best for eternity, Tropicals seas would be a perfect choice. They offer some of best views that is an absolute treat for the eyes.


Rivers are not just for fresh waters They also offer some of the best views that nature has to offer.

On the Reef

Underwater photography is one of the most challenging tasks. But the pics that is getting out of it is definitely worth the risk.

Temperate Oceans

Let us accept the fact the blue water in the oceans, never failed to mesmerize us. Even a normal photograph is a good photograph.

Temperate Oceans

Wildlife Photography

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Gregory is one the best photographers that I have worked with. He knows in and out of photography. If you want to capture something in the wild, he is the perfect guy for the job.

– Bryan G

Gregory is definitely one of the best talents. The amount of work that he puts in to get the perfect shot is very amusing. He is very dedicated and goes that extra mile to get things done.

– Laura Petracio

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